Alta View Hospital-

BOCCAGNO, Steve and Elaine, Salt Lake City, girl.

SMALL, Michael and Carrie, West Jordan, girl.

Cottonwood Hospital-

FACER, Russell and Julie, Salt Lake City, boy.

MILNER, Kevin and Rachelle, West Jordan, girl.

TRUJILLO, Jose and Lena, Salt Lake City, boy.

Holy Cross Hospital-

CAPSON, Brian and Pam, boy.

LOVELESS, Jim and Glenna, boy.

PARKER, Adam and Jennifer, boy.

SCHMIDT, Ron and Kristi, girl.

SMITH, Jennifer, boy.

WADE, Kevin L. and Suzanne H., girl.

LDS Hospital-

ARBUCKLE, Craig and Penny, boy.

BAUER, Kirby and Vallynn, boy.

BURROWS, Harvey D. and Larayne, girl.

DABELL, Darin and Melanie, girl.

DOWNS, Drew and Lavi, boy.

ENSIGN, Brent and Danell, boy.

GATCHELL, David and Sulin, boy.

HART, Bill and Linda, girl.

HELIGE, Robert and Barbara, boy.

HING, Theresa, boy.

HOXER, David A., and Esther, girl.

JONES, Hodie and Roeina, boy.

KINSLEY, Steven and Alisha, boy.

KNAPHUS, Bradley and Mary, boy.

LAMOREAUX, Dennio and Heidi, girl.

LAWRENCE, Patrick Kevin and Ann, girl.

MALECKI, Robert and Sloane, boy.

MASS, Rick and Stacey, girl.

MORTENSEN, Curtis and Cathy, girl.

ROBISON, Michael and Sheiley, girl.

RODRIQUEZ, Mike and Heidi, boy.

WIGHTMAN, Mark and Alisa, girl.

WILLIAMS, David and Jessica, boy.

St. Mark's Hospital-

FABRIZIO, Travis and Jeannie, Sandy, boy.

University Hospital-

AHN, Okia and Kim, girl.

DAHLE, Ron and Katrina, boy.

DUFFIN, Matt and Wendy, girl.

EVANS, Jay and Linda, girl.

HUMPHREYS, Thomas and Shauna, girl.

OJEDA, Jose and Darci, boy.

PAUNI, Jerry and Kaufoou, boy.

WILLIAMS, Anthony and Kristin, boy.