Not everyone gets grants when they ask for them, but Orem's City Council is trying to help out.

A citizen's advisory council presented a recommendation to the Council for disbursement of Community Block Development Grants (CDBG) for the 1991-92 budget year beginning July 1991.Those who were not on the list came to Orem's City Council meeting Tuesday night to ask that the Council might reconsider funding for various proposals that were initially rejected.

The Council has decided to look at the issues over the next few weeks and then make a recommendation that Hildebrandt can present to HUD.

One group of citizens came to request a curb and sidewalk in the area of 400 West and 400 North to 700 North.

Janet Foutin, a resident in the area, said, "I am here to negotiate."

The residents feel strongly about improving the area and Foutin said they would agree to one side of the street or the other if they have to.

CDBG administrator Konrad Hildebrandt said the council developed the proposal to fund organizations designed to improve living conditions for low- and moderate-income Orem residents.

"The entitlement from HUD (Housing and Urban Development) has increased 11 percent over last year," Hildebrandt said.

But that did not mean that everyone could get funding.

Orem's Public Works Department had requested $801,000 for various city projects, but with only $640,000 total to work with, the city could allocate only $117,000.

Most of those who came to request reconsideration would have been in this category.

One group, Dentistry for the Homebound, received funding last year, but the advisory council recommended not to renew that funding.

Chair Richard Rife said as the council reviewed the organization, it discovered that last year's funding had not yet been used.

Ross Chessman, an Orem dentist who is working with a few other dentists to take the services to the homebound, asked that the council reconsider because the funds were being put to use very soon.

"This request is in defense of Orem's homebound and not in defense of dentistry," Chessman said. "We have the equipment now, and we will soon begin screening the patients."

If there is no money allocated, the patients will have been visited and screened and, in July, there will be no more funds to continue to process, he said.

According to Rife, one overall condition for the funding was that the money be used to help Orem residents.

Other organizations that were approved for funding include: Kids on the Move, The Gathering Place, Orem Community Hospital, Sertoma, Recreation for all Handicap, and the Parent Education Resource Center.

Also receiving money were the Community Action Agency and the City of Orem through its Public Safety Department, recreation programs and housing rehabilitation programs.