SB 184 (Craig Peterson) - Repeals the motor vehicle division office at the state Capitol; repeals the requirement that the Tax Commission publish summary of motor vehicle registration and titling laws; and makes other technical changes.

SB185 (Beattie) - Suspends the driver's license of a person under 21 for driving with any measurable amount of alcohol in his body.SB186 (Holmgren) - Establishes a new medical assistance program for certain persons with disabilities.

SB187 (Barlow) - Amends the application of funds generated from additional public transit taxes.

SB188 (Shepherd) - Provides for curriculum related to human sexual development, stressing responsible principle-centered decisionmaking.

SB189 (Hillyard) - Changes the name of the Utah Geological and Mineral Survey.

SB190 (Barlow) - Amends certain provisions of the Real Estate Appraiser Registration and Certification Act to conform with related federal law.

SB191 (Finlinson) - Extends the length of time in which certain public agencies must file proof of appropriation.

SB192 (Holmgren) - Makes technical amendments to the power and duties of the Psychiatric Security Review Board.

SB193 (Finlinson) - Revises requirements for exclusion of land from a district.

SB194 (Hillyard) - Makes amendments to the tax code.

SB195 (Hillyard) - Makes amendments to the tax code.

SB196 (Barlow) - Provides for state and local funding of the minimum school program; establishes the value of the weighted pupil unit; requires school districts to impose minimum basic tax rate; provides for funding of school reform programs; establishes distribution formulas; and provides an appropriation for the school building supported program.

SB197 (Finlinson) - Repeals the Wildlife Damage Compensation Act.

SB198 (Rees) - Provides for an equalized capital outlay foundation program.

SB199 (Holmgren) - Directs Department of Human Services to conduct evaluation to determine mental illness in criminal proceedings.

SB200 (Money) - Requires the adjoining landowner to pay one-half of the cost of constructing and maintaining a fence.

SB201 (Myrin) - Provides benefits to military servicemen and their families.

SB202 (Myrin) - Authorizes certain persons to obtain commercial drivers' licenses for operating certain vehicles.

SB203 (Money) - Requires health insurance policies in the state to offer coverage for organ transplants.

SB204 (McMullin) - Prohibits the filing of liens unless the person filing has reasonable evidence of accuracy.

SB205 (Holmgren) - Changes admission procedures to the Utah State Hospital for certain mentally ill offenders.

SB206 (McAllister) - Appropriates money to fund state government.

SB207 (Cary Peterson) - Provides amendments to State Governmental Immunity Act.

SB208 (Beattie) - Provides amendments to the severance tax laws.

SB209 (Fordham) - Provides funding for state government.

SB210 (McAllister) - Appropriates money for support of state government.

SB211 (McAllister) - Amends the corporate tax laws.

SB212 (McAllister) - Provides amendments to the franchise tax.

SB213 (Christensen) - Provides funding for Salt Palace renovation.

SB214 (Beattie) - Amends property tax valuation laws.

SB215 (Cary Peterson) - Amends the tax code as it relates to the gross receipts tax.

SB216 (Barlow) - Provides funding for schools, teachers and education programs.

SB217 (Nielsen) - Funds capital facilities.

SB218 (Ockey) - Clarifies scope and coverage of governmental immunity.

SB219 (Richards) - Prohibits claims on a motor vehicle dealer's bond by person providing floor plan financing.

SB220 (Shepherd) - Broadens circumstances under which the Department of Health may provide funds for an abortion in accordance with new abortion law.

SB221 (Fordham) - Authorizes counties to establish bonus and incentive award programs.

SB222 (Baird) - Amends collection procedures for juvenile court restitution.

SB223 (Holmgren) - Requires a fee per bed for nursing-care facilities.

SB224 (Ockey) - Amends certain provision of Utah Securities Code to override federal preemption as allowed in the Secondary Mortgage Market Enhancement Act.

SB225 (McMullin) - Amends Title 59, tax laws.

SB226 (McMullin) - Revises personal, business and property taxes.

SB227 (Leavitt) - Provides for expansion and extension of the state's educational microwave system to public education units.

SB228 (Finlinson) - Increases fees charged by sheriffs for specified services.

SB229 (Leavitt) - Provides for technical changes in statutes dealing with teacher certification; professional practices, termination procedures; career ladders; and students in the public schools.

SB230 (Shepherd) - Establishes a task force to study the relationship between educational requirements of high school math, science and computer science, and the ability of the state to attract high-paying, technically based jobs.

SB231 (Beattie) - Clarifies the funding of the uninsurable risk pool.

SB232 (Holmgren) - Amends certain amounts regarding costs covered in the underground storage-tank fund.

SB233 (Myrin) - Amends provisions regarding the delivery of liquefied petroleum gas.

SB234 (Beattie) - Reauthorizes Legislative Strategic Planning Committee in statute.

SB235 (Nielsen) - Establishes the legal requisites of personnel policies required of certain special districts.

SB236 (Christensen) - Creates a loan fund to assist underground tank owners to bring their tanks into compliance.

SB237 (Leavitt) - Enacts provision for delivery of liquefied petroleum gas.

SCR10 (Howell) - Welcomes Juan Antonio Samaranch, president of the International Olympic Committee; conveys to Samaranch the readiness of the people of Utah to host the 1998 Olympics.

SCR11 (Howell) - Expresses appreciation to the Eccles Foundation for its gift that allowed the creation of the Scott M. Matheson Wetlands Preserve.

SCR12 (Cary Peterson) - Encourages the continued use of livestock grazing on federal lands.

SJR17 (Barlow) - Revises the Legislature's joint rules and requires disclosure of certain benefits and conflicts of interest.

SR4 (Chuck Peterson) - Provides a limitation on printing lengthy bills.

House bills introduced (short titles only):

HB351 (Bishop) - Condenses the nominating process.

HB352 (Borgeson) - Establishes a system to contractually coordinate state, county, municipal, federal and private funding sources with funds offered by Indian tribes, Indian organizations and the Utah Navajo Oil Royalty Trust.

HB353 (Mont Evans) - River development grants.

HB354 (Greensides) - Registration of financial planners.

HB355 (Voigt) - Workers' Compensation claims adjusters.

HB356 (LeBaron) - Limit of liability for engineers.

HB357 (Nelson) - Prohibits theft and sale of utilities.

HB358 (Rushton) - Uninsured employer fund payments.

HB359 (Rushton) - Uninsured employer fund requirements.

HB360 (Jones) - Fee assessment for planting trees.

HB361 (Bishop) - Post-retirement restriction amendment.

HB362 (Rushton) - Income tax for those in Operation Desert Storm.

HB363 (Bradford) - Lobbyist reporting requirements.

HB364 (Joseph Moody) - Special service districts for health.

HB365 (Wharton) - Provides funding for the Salt Palace.

HB366 (Ostler) - Provides funds for the Department of Commerce.

HB367 (Glen Brown) - Interlocal Financial Authority Act amendment.

HB368 (Bishop) - Changes the ballots for the state nominating convention.

HB369 (Oscarson) - Increases the salary of public employees.

HB370 (Olsen) - Creates a task force on lobbying.

HB371 (Harward) - Public attorneys amendments.

HB372 (Valentine) - Severance tax amendments.

HB373 (Valentine) - Sales tax amendments.

HB374 (Valentine) - Property tax county assessment.

HB375 (Harward) - Utah life and disability insurance.

HB376 (Bishop) - Division of Wildlife Resources amendments.

HB377 (Anderson) - Mobile-home lot marketing.

HB378 (Pignanelli) - Insurance code changes.

HB379 (Pignanelli) - General government amendments.

HB380 (Pignanelli) - Property tax amendments.

HB381 (Pignanelli) - Finances education.

HB382 (Atkinson) - Labor-Industrial Commission.

HB383 (Wharton) - Education alternative.

HB384 (Wharton) - Amends Workers Compensation.

HB385 (Wharton) - Funds the arts.

HB386 (Wharton) - Amends retirement exemptions.

HB387 (Protzman) - Campaign finance reform.

HB388 (Protzman) - Lobbyist reform.

HB389 (Protzman) - Sales tax amendments.

HB390 (Protzman) - Finances economic development.

HB391 (Protzman) - Innovative education programs.

HB392 (Protzman) - Changes the income tax.

HB393 (Mont Evans) - State government changes.

HB394 (Adams) - Indian Affairs.

HB396 (Harward) - Tax amendments.

HB397 (Glen Brown) - Property tax amendments.

HB398 (Haze Hunter) - Capital facilities - state projects.

HB399 (Olsen) - State funding amendments.

HB400 (Bradford) - School Finance Act.

HB401 (Glen Brown) - Supplemental Appropriations Act.

HB402 (Glen Brown) - Funds state government.

HB403 (Glen Brown) - Funds state government.

HB404 (Voigt) - Handicap parking permit amendments.

HB405 (Atkinson) - Privacy amendments.

HB406 (Uipi) - Landlord's access to utility records.

HB407 (Dmitrich) - Refunds of cancelled health policies.

HB408 (Goodfellow) - Legislator retirement eligibility amendments.

HB409 (Arrington) - Health care access study.

HB410 (Lewis) - Asbestos audit of public buildings.

HB411 (Lewis) - Amendments to insurance code.

HB412 (Lewis) - Amendments to tax code.

HB413 (Lewis) - Juvenile justice amendments.

HB414 (Valentine) - Transitory property fee amendments.

HB415 (Fox) - Public safety salary package.

HB416 (Valentine) - Ad valorem property tax.

HB417 (Oscarson) - Public school dispute resolution act.

HB418 (Adams) - College of Eastern Utah.

HB419 (Wright) - PAC contribution limitations.

HB420 (Jorgensen) - Strategic planning commission reauthorization.

HB421 (Jensen) - Campaign reform.

HB422 (Bradford) - Enrollment options amendments.

HB423 (Haze Hunter) - Capital improvement priorities.

HB424 (Irby Arrington) - Compounds the cost of living adjustments for retirees.

HB425 (Greensides) - Public Service Commission regulatory fees.

HB426 (Ostler) - Registration of employee leasing.

HB427 (Young) - Stress disorder as compensable loss.

HB428 (Arrington) - Recall statute.

HB429 (Beverly Evans) - Tinting windows in motor vehicles.

HB430 (Jones) - Administrative law courts.

HB431 (Adams) - Indian veterans' housing assistance.

HB432 (Evans) - Native American Day.

HB433 (Lewis) - Uniform probate code - conservatorship.

HB434 (Davis) - Civil public nuisance.

HB435 (Oscarson) - Prostitution and HIV exposure.

HB436 (Valentine) - Trial court organization and jurisdiction.

HB437 (Bishop) - Convention facility renovation funding.

HB438 (Bishop) - Convention, tourism and recreation and facility operation funding.

HB439 (Reese Hunter) - Payment of attorneys' fees.

HB440 (Mont Evans) - Local government campaign contribution disclosure.

HB441 (Bishop) - Retirement benefit information.

HB442 (Davis) - Uninsurable risk pool.

HB443 (Jones) - Voter registration procedures.

HB444 (Ellertson) - Youth correction amendments.

HB445 (Short) - Public school hazardous traffic condition appropriation.

HB446 (Wharton) - WIC emergency fund account.

HB447 (Pignanelli) - Local governments redistricting amendment.

HB448 (Davis) - Solid waste management planning.

HB449 (Pignanelli) - Utah Columbus Quincentenary Commission.

HB450 (Wright) - Motor fuel tax refund amendments.

HB451 (Fox) - Economic development amendments.

HB452 (Pignanelli) - Retirement changes for contributory.

HJR31 (Olsen) - Calls for a constitutional amendment concerning the Rainy day Fund.

HJR32 (Irby Arrington) - Legislative constitutional amendment.

HJR33 (Bishop) - Gifted programs in education resolution.

HJR34 (Adams) - American Indian religious freedom.

HJR35 (Bishop) - Master study resolution.

HJR36 (Tuttle, Goodfellow) - Ethnic and Mining Museum of Magna resolution.