Utah County residents are about to get another lesson on air pollution.

On Sunday, a brochure about the county's air quality problems and things individuals can do to reduce pollutant emissions will be distributed in the Utah County Journal.The brochure was produced and funded by the Utah County Clean Air Commission, the City-County Health Department, Nu Skin International Inc., the Utah County Clean Air Coalition and Geneva Steel. It describes types, sources and health effects of air pollution and programs created to control emissions. It also points out individual actions that can help control air pollution.

"This is an educational brochure," said Ralph Clegg, supervisor of the county's vehicle emission program. "It is not meant to take a position on any particular source of pollution in the valley but to indicate these are the sources and these are the things being done."

Production and delivery to county residents cost $8,000, Clegg said.

"We really hope that it will answer a lot of questions people have about air pollution in Utah County," Clegg said. "It's just an overview with some good basic information about air pollution in Utah County."

The health department also hopes teachers will be able to use the pamphletpaper to educate children about air quality. Extra copies will be available at the health department after Feb. 17.