The Grand County Commission recently approved a zoning change for a 40-acre parcel along U.S. 191 that would permit commercial development. The parcel immediately north of Moab is targeted for recreational vehicle park development by local motel magnate J.J. Wang. On the east side of the highway, owners of the Grand Old Ranch House, a dining establishment listed on the National Register of Historic Places, had worried such development would mar the view west to the portal of the Colorado River that diners have enjoyed for years. However, Grand Olde Ranch House owner Glenn Victor appeared to be statisfied by the landscaping plan, which will leave open space in a park-like development with permanent buildings located behind trees near the road. Victor attended the public hearing but didn't raise objections. The new zoning was effective upon publication of the notice Feb. 14. The recreational vehicle park will be developed in phases. The first phase has yet to be scheduled.