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Here is a capsulized look at pro baseball teams as they enter spring training.

National LeagueAtlanta Braves

TRAINING SITE: West Palm Beach, Fla.

KEY ARRIVALS: Terry Pendleton, third baseman; Sid Bream, first baseman; Mike Heath, catcher; Juan Berenguer, reliever; Rafael Belliard, shortstop; Glenn Wilson, outfielder.

KEY DEPARTURES: Jim Presley, third baseman.

OUTLOOK: Going into spring training, the Braves have hopes of finally getting out of the basement in the NL West. With Pendleton at third and Bream at first there's good reason to believe they will. Manager Bobby Cox needs a decent start to keep his job.

Chicago Cubs


KEY ARRIVALS: Danny Jackson, pitcher; George Bell, outfielder; Dave Smith, reliever.

KEY DEPARTURES: Curtis Wilkerson, infielder; Marvel Wynne, outfielder (to Japan).

OUTLOOK: The Cubs will enter the season in the unfamiliar position of favorites because of a lineup that will include Ryne Sandberg, Andre Dawson, George Bell and Mark Grace in the middle. Pitching (4.34 ERA last season) is still a question mark and manager Don Zimmer will use the next six weeks to put together a healthy staff.

Cincinnati Reds

TRAINING SITE: Plant City, Fla.

KEY ARRIVALS: Ted Power, reliever.

KEY DEPARTURES: Danny Jackson, reliever.

OUTLOOK: What does Lou Piniella do for an encore? Piniella's Nasty Boys are back but he has to reshape the starting rotation without Danny Jackson. Will Billy Hatcher play more?

Houston Astros

TRAINING SITE: Kissimmee, Fla.

KEY ARRIVALS: Pete Harnisch, pitcher; Curt Schilling, pitcher; Steve Finley, outfielder.

KEY DEPARTURES: Glenn Davis, first baseman; Franklin Stubbs, outfielder-first baseman; Danny Darwin, pitcher; Bill Gullickson, pitcher; Dave Smith, reliever; Juan Agosto, reliever; Terry Puhl, outfielder.

OUTLOOK: John McMullen, who is in the process of selling the club, will let the next guy worry about putting the Astros back together. Astros fans really will need a scorecard to identify the players. Don't be surprised if Mike Scott is traded before the end of spring training.

Los Angeles Dodgers

TRAINING SITE: Vero Beach, Fla.

KEY ARRIVALS: Darryl Strawberry, outfielder; Kevin Gross, pitcher; Brett Butler, outfielder; Bob Ojeda, pitcher.

KEY DEPARTURES: Kirk Gibson, outfielder; Hubie Brooks, outfielder.

OUTLOOK: Despite the additions of Strawberry and Butler, the Dodgers will find it difficult to win the division if Orel Hershiser and Tim Belcher aren't healthy.

Montreal Expos

TRAINING SITE: West Palm Beach, Fla.

KEY ARRIVALS: Ivan Calderon, outfielder; Barry Jones, reliever.

KEY DEPARTURES: Tim Raines, outfielder; Kevin Gross, pitcher.

OUTLOOK: As rookies last season, Delino DeShields, Marquis Grissom and Larry Walker helped the surprising Expos stay in contention into the final month. This spring, rookie pitchers Chris Nabholz and Brian Barnes are expected to continue the trend. The Expos' farm system is deep and it's starting to show.

New York Mets

TRAINING SITE: Port St. Lucie, Fla.

KEY ARRIVALS: Vince Coleman, outfielder; Hubie Brooks, outfielder; Rick Cerone, catcher; Terry Puhl, outfielder.

KEY DEPARTURES: Darryl Strawberry, outfielder, Bob Ojeda, pitcher; Pat Tabler, outfielder.

OUTLOOK: The Mets will use spring training to develop a new chemistry and a new outfield in the post Darryl Strawberry era. Shortstop Kevin Elster could be trade bait if his arm is healthy again. Manager Bud Harrelson will stress fundamentals. The defense remains shaky.

Philadelphia Phillies

TRAINING SITE: Clearwater, Fla.

KEY ARRIVALS: Wally Backman, infielder.


OUTLOOK: The Phillies did little to improve over the winter except to keep catcher Darren Daulton for $6 million-plus. Outfielder Wes Chamberlains (acquired last season from Pittsburgh for Carmelo Martinez) could win a spot on the roster with a good spring.

Pittsburgh Pirates

TRAINING SITE: Bradenton, Fla.

KEY ARRIVALS: Curtis Wilkerson, infielder.

KEY DEPARTURES: Sid Bream, first baseman; Rafael Belliard, shortstop; Ted Power, reliever; Wally Backman, infielder; R.J. Reynolds, outfielder (to Japan).

OUTLOOK: The talk during spring training at Bradenton will probably be dominated by salaries and arbitration awards. Also how long can the Pirates keep Bobby Bonilla, Barry Bonds, Doug Drabek and Andy Van Slyke in their future? Such an atmosphere is a major obstacle for manager Jim Leyland, who was critical of the front office for letting Bream get away.

St. Louis Cardinals

TRAINING SITE: St. Petersburg, Fla.

KEY ARRIVALS: Gerald Perry, first baseman; Juan Agosto, reliever.

KEY DEPARTURES: Terry Pendleton, third baseman; Vince Coleman, outfielder; Ken Dayley, reliever.

OUTLOOK: Manager Joe Torre will use the spring to start molding a new Cardinals team with some of the old ideas - speed and defense. The outfield of the future will be Ray Lankford, Bernard Gilkey and Felix Jose. Todd Zeile takes over for Pendleton at third.

San Diego Padres


KEY ARRIVALS: Fred McGriff, first baseman; Tony Fernandez, shortstop; Wes Gardner, reliever; Larry Andersen, reliever; Jim Presley, third baseman; Scott Coolbaugh, third baseman.

KEY DEPARTURES: Jack Clark, first baseman-outfielder; Joe Carter, outfielder; Roberto Alomar, second baseman; Mike Pagliarulo, third baseman; Mark Parent, catcher; Eric Show, pitcher.

OUTLOOK: The trade with Toronto solved some problems but might have created others. The outfield, except for Tony Gwynn, is shaky and third base could still be a problem. The pitching staff still lacks depth.

San Francisco Giants

TRAINING SITE: Scottsdale, Ariz.

KEY ARRIVALS: Bud Black, pitcher; Willie McGee, outfielder; Dave Righetti, reliever.

KEY DEPARTURES: Brett Butler, outfielder; Steve Bedrosian, reliever; Gary Carter, catcher; Ernest Riles, infielder.

OUTLOOK: The Giants used 23 pitchers last season and despite the additions of Righetti and Black, manager Roger Craig still has a lot of work to do. Righetti's presence won't mean much if the starters aren't healthy.American League

Baltimore Orioles

TRAINING SITE: Sarasota, Fla.

KEY ARRIVALS: Dwight Evans, outfielder; Glenn Davis, first baseman; Jeff Robinson, pitcher.

KEY DEPARTURES: Pete Harnisch, pitcher; Curt Schilling, pitcher; Mickey Tettleton, catcher; Dave Gallagher, outfielder; Steve Finley, outfielder.

OUTLOOK: Davis gives the Orioles the slugger they have needed for years. But to contend, the Orioles will need a big year from Ben McDonald (say 17 wins) and a return to form of Jeff Ballard and Bob Milacki. They combined for 32 wins in 1989, but only seven last season.

Boston Red Sox

TRAINING SITE: Winter Haven, Fla.

KEY ARRIVALS: Matt Young, pitcher; Jack Clark, outfielder-first baseman; Danny Darwin, pitcher.

KEY DEPARTURES: Wes Gardner, reliever; Larry Andersen, reliever; Dwight Evans, outfielder; Mike Boddicker, pitcher.

OUTLOOK: No one can say the Red Sox haven't tried to spend their way to the top. But was it enough? A starting rotation of Roger Clemens, Darwin, Young, Dana Kiecker and Tom Bolton doesn't exactly send shivers through AL hitters. Tim Naehring could win a job with a good spring.

California Angels

TRAINING SITE: Mesa, Ariz., and Palm Springs, Calif.

KEY ARRIVALS: Junior Felix, outfielder; Dave Gallagher, outfielder; Floyd Bannister, pitcher; Gary Gaetti, third baseman; Jeff Robinson, pitcher.

KEY DEPARTURES: Devon White, outfielder; Willie Fraser, pitcher.

OUTLOOK: The Angels need to work on their defense and Gaetti's influence might help. California was next to last in fielding (.977) and the result was 93 unearned runs - second most in the AL. To stay in contention for a while anyway, the Angels need Mark Langston to rebound from his 10-17, 4.40 effort.

Chicago White Sox

TRAINING SITE: Sarasota, Fla.

KEY ARRIVALS: Cory Snyder, outfielder; Charlie Hough, pitcher; Tim Raines, outfielder.

KEY DEPARTURES: Eric King, pitcher; Shawn Hillegas, pitcher; Ivan Calderon, outfielder; Barry Jones, reliever.

OUTLOOK: With the addition of Raines and Snyder, the White Sox think they can match Oakland on offense. But manager Jeff Torborg needs a stopper in the starting rotation. Last season, Greg Hibbard and Jack McDowell led the Sox in victories with 14 each. Torborg has spots open on his staff and will give rookies Grady Hall, Wilson Alvarez and Alex Fernandez a long look.

Cleveland Indians

TRAINING SITE: Tucson, Ariz.

KEY ARRIVALS: Eric King, pitcher; Shawn Hillegas, pitcher.

KEY DEPARTURES: Cory Snyder, outfielder.

OUTLOOK: As usual, the Indians come to camp with plenty of pitchers to look at and plenty of spots open. A healthy Greg Swindell (12-9) would help. The Indians last won a pennant in 1954.

Detroit Tigers

TRAINING SITE: Lakeland, Fla.

KEY ARRIVALS: Rob Deer, outfielder; Bill Gullickson, pitcher; Mickey Tettleton, catcher; John Cerutti, pitcher; Tony Bernazard, infielder.

KEY DEPARTURES: Jack Morris, pitcher; Mike Heath, catcher; Jeff Robinson, pitcher.

OUTLOOK: Detroit's 4.39 ERA was the worst in the AL for the second straight season and losing ace Jack Morris won't help matters. Sparky Anderson may turn to youth to rebuild his staff and give rookies Scott Aldred and Randy Marshall a chance. The combination of Deer (147) and Cecil Fielder (182) may help produce a record number of strikeouts as well as homers.

Kansas City Royals

TRAINING SITE: Haines City, Fla.

KEY ARRIVALS: Mike Boddicker, pitcher; Kirk Gibson, outfielder; Dan Schatzeder, reliever.

KEY DEPARTURES: Steve Farr, reliever; Gerald Perry, first baseman; Willie Wilson, outfielder.

OUTLOOK: The Royals have the makings of a pretty good football team with Gibson (Michigan) and Bo Jackson (Auburn). The key to the Royals staying in the race is simple: Bret Saberhagen, Mike Boddicker, Storm Davis and Tom Gordon each need to win at least 13 games. Manager John Wathan expects a lot more from reliever Mark Davis (only six saves and a 5.11 ERA).

Milwaukee Brewers

TRAINING SITE: Chandler, Ariz.

KEY ARRIVALS: Franklin Stubbs, first baseman-outfielder.

KEY DEPARTURES: Rob Deer, pitcher; Bill Krueger, pitcher.

OUTLOOK: The Brewers have a shot - despite shaky pitching - because the AL East is weak. Milwaukee needs comebacks from Paul Molitor and Robin Yount and a healthy Ted Higuera.

Minnesota Twins

TRAINING SITE: Fort Myers, Fla.

KEY ARRIVALS: Steve Bedrosian, reliever; Jack Morris, pitcher; Chili Davis, outfielder; Mike Pagliarulo, third base.

KEY DEPARTURES: Gary Gaetti, third baseman; Juan Berenguer, pitcher.

OUTLOOK: Only four years ago the Twins were world champions. But they enter 1991 trying to improve on a 74-88 last-place finish in the West. The Twins had more errors (101) than home runs (100) last season - their lowest total of homers since 1982. Signing Morris will help settle a young staff and Rick Aguilera (32 saves) might return to the rotation with the addition of Bedrosian.

New York Yankees

TRAINING SITE: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

KEY ARRIVALS: Steve Farr, reliever; Scott Sanderson, pitcher.

KEY DEPARTURES: George Steinbrenner, managing general partner; Dave Righetti, reliever; Jeff Robinson, pitcher.

OUTLOOK: One thing seems certain, with George Steinbrenner out of the picture manager Stump Merrill figures to have a job in May. The Yankees finished 67-95 last season, their worst record since going 50-102 in 1912. How much they improve depends on Don Mattingly's health, how many homers and RBIs Kevin Maas has and a big improvement on their 4.21 ERA. The Yankees' top winner last season was reliever Lee Guetterman (11-7).

Oakland Athletics


KEY ARRIVALS: Willie Wilson, outfielder; Ernest Riles, infielder; Eric Show, pitcher; Vance Law, infielder.

KEY DEPARTURES: Scott Sanderson, pitcher.

OUTLOOK: The A's will miss third baseman Carney Lansford (out for the season with knee injury following snowmobile accident). Lansford has a knack of getting a big hit and is a stablizing influence in the clubhouse. Ernest Riles and Vance Law will take over for now. There's also some lingering questions about Jose Canseco's back.

Seattle Mariners


KEY ARRIVALS: Bill Krueger, pitcher.

KEY DEPARTURES: Matt Young, pitcher.

OUTLOOK: The Mariners still haven't finished at .500 but they're getting closer - 77-85 last season. The Mariners had the third best ERA in the AL last season at 3.69 and hope a healthy Scott Bankhead (14-6 in 1989) will join Erik Hanson (18-9), Randy Johnson and Brian Holman in the rotation. First baseman Tino Martinez (.320, 17 homers and 93 RBIs) could join Ken Griffey Jr. as the next Seattle star.

Texas Rangers

TRAINING SITE: Port Charlotte, Fla.

KEY ARRIVALS: Mark Parent, catcher.

KEY DEPARTURES: Charlie Hough, pitcher; Scott Coolbaugh, third baseman.

OUTLOOK: After June 7 the Rangers were 62-47, so manager Bobby Valentine is optimistic if his pitching stays healthy and a regular catcher is found. Valentine is also expecting a better year from Ruben Sierra, who slipped offensively and defensively.

Toronto Blue Jays

TRAINING SITE: Dunedin, Fla.

KEY ARRIVALS: Devon White, outfielder; Willie Fraser, pitcher; Ken Dayley, reliever; Joe Carter, outfielder; Roberto Alomar, second baseman; Pat Tabler, outfielder.

KEY DEPARTURES: George Bell, outfielder; Junior Felix, outfielder; Fred McGriff, first baseman; Tony Fernandez, shortstop; John Cerutti, pitcher; Bud Black, pitcher.

OUTLOOK: The Blue Jays think they have solved their chemistry problem by acquiring Carter and letting Bell go. Overall, the Jays still have the best balance in the AL East and only need to find left-hander to fill Black's role. Sweet-swinging John Olerud will take over for McGriff at first base and Manny Lee moves in at shortstop for Fernandez.

Compiled by Baseball Writer Jim Donaghy