Kim Basinger's ambitious plans to develop Braselton, the small Georgia town she bought a year ago, are down the sewer. The actress's brother, Mick Basinger, said her dream to make Braselton into a tourist village with a recording and film studio have been stymied by a lack of sewage capacity. "The basic problem we've encountered is infrastructure is poor here," said Mick Basinger, chief operating officer of the Braselton-Basinger Ltd. Partnership. "Our hope was to walk right in and start developing. The town's people are going to have to be patient." City officials are working on the problem and hope to sell bonds soon to triple the capacity of a 100,000-gallon-a-day sewerage treatment plant, according to Mayor Henry Edward Braselton, a member of the family that founded the town in 1887. "We are talking about a year to two-year project," Braselton said.