Sen. Jake Garn, R-Utah, says he's tired of rumors that he might run for governor next year - and tired of constantly denying them - so Wednesday he said he wants to kill them for good.

"I've never given any indications that I would be a candidate. . .. I do not want to be governor, and won't run for it," he told the Deseret News. Garn added he has already been saying that for months, and even stressed it on a local television call-in show.But the rumors started anew over the weekend when the Salt Lake Tribune ran a poll about whom Utahns would like to see run for governor, and Garn far outdistanced other Republicans including Lt. Gov. Val Oveson and Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah.

"It's unfair to those candidates running in either party to keep seeing my name reported as a candidate," Garn said. "I say very sincerely, I am not going to run for governor."

Garn said it is still premature to say for sure whether he will seek re-election to the Senate next year. "Campaigns are too long. . .. One way to shorten them is for people not to start them too soon," he said.

However, he warns that people should not yet believe many rumors that he will not run for the Senate again.