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- Saddam Hussein has asked if Algeria would grant him asylum, the French newspaper Le Monde reported Friday. Algierian government officials denied the report after receiving inquiries from Western nations. A2

- "The mother of all battles," is the first great catch phrase of the '90s, courtesy of Saddam. The hyperbolic description has permeated public consciousness. A2- Secretary of State James Baker will leave next week on an eight-day trip to the Middle East and Soviet Union. A notable omission on Baker's itinerary is Jordan. A4

- Thousands of gutted Iraqi military vehicles and luxury cars are crammed together for miles along a six-lane Kuwaiti highway making the city look like the world's largest demolition derby had ended in a giant fireball. A5

- The Iraqi command in Kuwait City fled ahead of allied forces and could escape prosecution for atrocities against the Kuwaiti people, a senior U.S. military officer says. A5.