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Bonneville International Corp. will acquire KMEO-AM-FM, Phoenix, from Group W Radio, the radio division of Westinghouse Broadcasting Co.

The announcement, made by Rodney H. Brady, Bonneville president and chief executive officer, and Jim Thompson, Group W Radio president, is subject to Federal Communications Commission approval.Brady said, "We have evaluated numerous new ownership opportunities in radio. We're pleased to be acquiring a successful AM-FM combination with good growth prospects which is currently managed by another outstanding broadcasting company and we look forward to operating in Phoenix."

Thompson said his plan is to have Group W Radio grow to the maximum number of stations allowed by the FCC. "We will continue to work toward what we feel is the right combination of markets and properties to achieve our goal of making Group W Radio the largest and best station group in America," he said.

"We're delighted that, in Bonneville, we've found a new owner for KMEO-AM-FM which shares of commitment to running stations that serve their communities well," Thompson said.

Bonneville owns five AM stations, seven FM stations and two television stations: KAAM-AM and KZPS-FM, Dallas; KBIG-FM, Los Angeles; KIRO-AM, KIRO-TV and KSEA-FM, Seattle; KMBZ-AM and KMBR-FM, Kansas City; KOIT-AM-FM, San Francisco; KSL-AM and KSL-TV, Salt Lake City; WNSR-FM, New York; and WTMX-FM, Chicago.

Group W Radio owns WBZ, Boston; WINS and WNEW-FM, New York; KYW and WMMR-FM, Philadelphia; WCXR and WCPT-AM, Washington, D.C.; KDKA, Pittsburgh; WLLZ, Detroit; WMAQ, Chicago; KILT-AM-FM, Houston; KRSR, Dallas/Fort Worth; KOXT, San Antonio; KFWB and KTWV, Los Angeles; and KFBK and KGBY-FM, Sacramento, Calif.