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Four Brigham Young University seniors will complete their undergraduate studies with help from the Lee A. Carson Endowed Scholarship in Education.

The first recipients of the Carson endowment, all from Utah, are: Rhonda Proctor of Elk Ridge, Utah County, majoring in special education; Deborah Cook of Provo, majoring in elementary education; Renae Salisbury of Sandy, secondary education major; and Sidney Lin O'Donnell of Provo, elementary education major. All four are scheduled to graduate in April or August this year. The scholarships provide full tuition for winter semester, 1991.The Carson Endowment will make available about $8,500 annually in scholarship aid through earnings on the fund's principal.

Lee Carson, former proprietor of Carson's Market, which has stood next to the university campus for more than 36 years, has donated several gifts to the university's scholarship fund.

The Carson endowment will provide significant aid for deserving and worthy students in the College of Education for many years, according to Russell T. Osguthorpe, associate dean of the college.

Carson has been a member of the BYU President's Club for 30 years and is a Lifetime Silver member of the BYU Cougar Club.