The trial of a California man charged with trying to kill his ex-wife last fall has been delayed again because he wants a new public defender, telling a 2nd District judge that he doesn't believe his present attorney is giving him good advice.

Terry M. Dexter, 43, Apple Valley, Calif., was scheduled for trial March 13 on charges of conspiracy to commit murder and aggravated burglary, both first-degree felonies that carry prison terms of five years to life, and aggravated assault, a third-degree felony with a zero-to-five-year prison term.Dexter has pleaded not guilty to the charges and, after two separate evaluations determined he is mentally competent, was scheduled for trial next month.

Under advice from public defender Scott Holt, Dexter was going to change his plea to guilty and mentally ill in a plea bargain with county prosecutors.

At the hearing, however, Dexter said he has changed his mind, wants to go ahead with a trial, and also wants a new attorney. Judge Rodney S. Page agreed, canceling the trial date and telling Dexter that a new public defender will be assigned.

Dexter is charged with breaking into his ex-wife's home in Layton on Oct. 9, armed with a pistol. Investigators say Dexter told the woman he was going to kill her, firing two shots before the gun jammed.