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Five Utah music groups are getting on the "bandwagon" to raise money for families of soldiers in the Persian Gulf.

The annual "band jams" is sponsored by the Samuel Hall Society, a 73-year-old, now off-campus fraternity composed of students at Brigham Young University.Event organizer Chris Kenney said, "We support the troops in the Persian Gulf and there are still families here who are suffering financially."

Kenney said that during the concert the Samuel Hall Society will present a check to Peggy Cloward, director of a support group for families with relatives in the conflict.

The cost is $4 per person with $1 of each admission going to the fund to help the families.

The concert, from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. Friday at the Provo Armory in the Army National Guard Building at 222 W. 500 North, will feature five bands, three from BYU and two from the University of Utah.

Kenney said it has become a yearly tradition to have the bash and let students from both schools vote on the best bands.

"Last year we had about 1,100 people show up and this year we expect even more," he said.

The bands are Probable Cause and River & Lost from the U., and Artistic Ballistics, So Be It, and Poetic Justice from BYU.