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Vital Statistics:

Age: 48

Where born: New York City.

Family: Wife DeeDee Coradini and children Andrew Corradini, Andrea Corradini, Matt Ross and Elizabeth Ross.

Education: Princeton university, A.B., 1964, and Yale Law School, J.D., 1967.

Primary products: Law firm: Law. Bank: Banking services.

Primary markets: Law firm: Local, national and international.

Bank: Local.

Number of employees: Law firm: 35 local and 1,00o worldwide. Bank: 20.

Annual sales: Law firm: Large. Bank: Small.

Personality Profile:

First "real job: Runner at the New York law firm of Breed, Abbott & Morgan.

Mangement style: Maintain direct contact with decision makers and delegate responsibility and authority wherever possible.

Strategy for success: Identify niches where opportunity outweighs competition; integrate services; balance growth with resources and keep high esprit de corps.

A memorable failure: Attempt to start a new commerical classical music radio state to replace KWHO.

Heroes: Dennis Thatcher.

Leisure time and hobbies: Salt Lake Olympic bid, travel, skiing and windsurfing.

Favorite book and movie: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance; Fantasia