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The City Council is focusing on water as another dry year appears to be shaping up.

During its meeting Tuesday, the council will hear a report from consultant Wayne Hillier on the city's water rights. It will also discuss water availability at the Tri-City Golf Course. Also on the council's agenda:- Opening of bids for construction of a new 5 million gallon water storage tank, a water line and pump-house projects.

- Opening of bids for remodeling of the library's basement.

- A presentation by Barbara McCandless and Tim Chadwick on recycling.

- Approval of Hill Crest East subdivision plat "a" at approximately 1350 N. 150 West.

- Approval of proposed amendment to Christen subdivision plat "b" at approximately 500 N. 570 East. The American Fork City Council meets in the council chambers at City Hall, 31 North Church St. at 7:30 p.m.