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Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf arrived in Kuwait City Tuesday on the first official visit by the victorious commanding general of the allied forces that liberated Kuwait.

Schwarzkopf, who flew into Kuwait in a U.S. Army helicopter with Gen. Khalib Bin Sultan, commander of the Saudi forces, went to the Kuwait beach and filled a small bottle with sand as a souvenir for his family."This is sand from the liberated beaches of Kuwait," he said, holding up the bottle. "That's what this is. And we're very proud to be able to do this. This is something that I promised myself that I would do."

Schwarzkopf added that he hopes the cease-fire with Iraq holds so the war is truly over.

"As far as I'm concerned it's over. Saddam Hussein had better know it's over. If Saddam Hussein makes the mistake of starting it again then he's going to have a lot more trouble than he has on his hands in Iraq right now," he said.

Iraq has been rocked in recent weeks by rebellions against the Iraqi leader.

U.S. military officials said Schwarzkopf met with Kuwait's crown prince and prime minister, Sheik Saad al-Abdallah al-Sabah, and U.S. Ambassador Edward Gnehm. He also visited a U.S. Army unit.