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Scattered rain or snow is forecast for late Tuesday night and Wednesday, the Salt Lake office of the National Weather Service says.

The precipitation will be mainly in the western part of the state and in the mountains, and more rain or snow is likely on Wednesday, William J. Alder, meteorologist in charge of the Salt Lake office, said early Tuesday.Somewhat stronger storm systems are forecast for Friday and Sunday. They should produce more moisture than what is predicted for Tuesday's and Wednesday's storms, Alder said.

Alder said Monday's storm arrived "later than was forecast but produced about what we said it would." He said very little precipitation was reported in eastern Utah, except at Flaming Gorge. Two inches was common in the Salt Lake Valley and in American Fork. Manti and Flaming Gorge each received 3 inches.

The .05 inch of water at the airport brings to 0.75 of an inch the total amount for March.

"We are a little above normal for the month. For the water year (beginning Oct. 1) we are still below normal at the airport. As of early Tuesday, the total was 4.96 inches, which is 71 percent of the normal 7.01 inches," Alder said.

And the situation statewide on the water year?

"It varies, but basically it is normal to below normal. In some isolated locations - probably in southern Utah - near normal amounts of moisture have been recorded," Alder said.

Temperatures showed some strange patterns Monday at the Salt Lake airport. The high reading, 49 degrees, was recorded about midnight. During the day, the high was only 46 degrees - and that was at about 7 a.m. The low reading, which is usually recorded during the early morning hours, didn't occur until 3 p.m. At that time it was 33 degrees, which was about 45 minutes after heavy snow started falling the Salt Lake Valley, said meteorologist Peter Wilensky.

The temperature will be in the mid-40s Tuesday and Wednesday and lows Tuesday night will be 30 to 35 degrees.


Alta 15 1.13

Park West 12

Snowbird 13 1.10

Coalville 1 0.12

Hogle Zoo 2 0.24

Holladay 2 0.24

Provo 1 0.11

Spanish Fork 2 0.16

Tooele 2 0.22

S.L. Airport .5 0.05