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Computer system analysts are among the best-paid employees in Salt Lake City, while custodial workers are among those paid the least, the U.S. Department of Labor said Thursday.

Computer systems analysts earned $791.50 per week, while materials movers and custodial workers earned $4.92 per hour ($196.80 per week), the Labor Department said in its wage survey for November 1990 for the Ogden-Salt Lake City area.Pay for office clerks ranged from just over $203 weekly, while secretaries earned up to $396 weekly.

Survey results were based on data collected from 173 companies in the region employing 80,243 workers, said Gunnar Engen, regional commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Seven maintenance, toolroom and power plant jobs were studied, with average hourly earnings from $8.47 per hour for general maintenance workers to $14.84 per hour for tool and die makers.

Pay rose 10.4 percent from November 1988 to November 1990 for unskilled plant workers in the region, Engen said. The increase was 3.3 percent higher than the 7.1 percent increase for the previous two-year period.

Earnings of office clerical workers rose 7.5 percent over the same period, while pay of skilled maintenance and electronic-data-processing workers advanced 7.4 percent and 7.7 percent.

Since November 1986, the Salt Lake City-Ogden metropolitan area has been surveyed every two years, and the increases in the Labor Department's study reflect a comparison of change in average pay over the 24-month period.