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A man indicted with Manuel Noriega on drug charges suspected the former dictator ordered two fellow conspirators killed after a guns-for-cocaine deal went awry, a jailhouse informant testified.

The informant, Francisco Rodriguez testified Tuesday at the trial of William Saldarriaga, 46, and Brian Davidow, 29, who are accused of planning the cocaine-smuggling voyage of the yacht Krill. Noriega goes on trial in June.The drug deal failed when Colombian police intercepted the yacht with 700 pounds of cocaine on board.

Rodriguez testified that Saldarriaga told him Noriega ordered an arms shipment put aboard the Krill.

"Those arms, he told me, General Noriega was providing them in order to make an exchange in Colombia for cocaine," Rodriguez said.

Ruben Paredes Jr. and Cesar Rodriguez went to Medellin, Colombia, to complete the deal but were later found shot to death.

Saldarriaga said he believed Noriega ordered the two men killed, said Francisco Rodriguez.