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Orem Community Hospital

ALLEN, Trace and Heidi A., Provo, girl.

BRUNT, Steve and Sandy, Pleasant Grove, boy.

CAPENER, Michael T. and Teemaree, Provo, boy.

CRAPSE, Dennis and Debra F., Orem, boy.

EDWARDS, Daniel and Sherry, Orem, boy.

ENNIS, Bill L. and Rosemary, Orem, boy.

EVANS, Jamie and Terry Dayle, Provo, girl.

HALES, Robert J. and Marylan Aloah, Santaquin, boy.

JOHNSON, John B. and Amy, Alpine, girl.

KAPPEL, William Matthew and Sally, Provo, girl.

LILLIE, John and Jana L., Orem, boy.

ROWE, Kory and Cedenia, American Fork, girl.

SHELLEY, Calvin and Teresa, Orem, girl.

SHIFLET, Clint and Jennifer, Provo, girl.

SMITH, Matthew and Colette, Orem, boy.

STANSFIELD, Mike and Angie R., Orem, boy.

STEWART, Mark and Laurie E., Provo, girl.

VANALFEN, Doug and Celia, Provo, girl.

WARDINSKY, Michael D. and Sherri, Provo, girl.

YOUNG, Robert and Sherri, Orem, girl.