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The Cache County Mayors Association has overwhelmingly passed a resolution urging the county council to deny tax-exempt status to Logan Regional Hospital.

The resolution also asks the State Tax Commission to consider denying exemptions to all Intermountain Health Care facilities.In addition, the mayors asked the Cache County attorney and 1st District Court to launch a grand jury investigation of Logan Regional.

Also, the resolution recommends that the state attorney general investigate IHC "so that all records of charges and claims of charity might be fully scrutinized."

Of the 19 mayors attending the meeting, 17 voted in favor of the resolution, none against and two abstained.

Logan Mayor Russ Fjeldsted said because of the "legal, social and political implications of the resolution," he felt his vote would have to have municipal council support.

North Logan Mayor Al Moser favored an amendment that would divide the resolution in order to vote separately on the grand jury investigation request. When that failed, he joined Fjeldsted in abstaining.

County officials estimate they could realize an additional $350,000 in tax revenues if Logan Regional's charity exemption was revoked.

With that in mind, the county has put the hospital back on the tax roles. The hospital is expected to appeal that action.