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Local artists are invited to participate in Blanding's Heritage Festival Art Show scheduled for the month of April. The monthlong show is one of several activities being planned to commemorate Blanding's 86th birthday.

Ribbons and $300 in cash prizes will be awarded to outstanding entries in the following categories: oil/acrylic, water color, pencil/-ink/charcoal, pastels, pottery, sculpture, photography, paper cutting/mosaic, collage.Those wishing to enter must contact Shari Mexican, 678-2642, before March 25 and let her know the number of entries to be submitted and types. All entries will be charged a $4 entry fee, which will be used to pay judging expenses. Prizes will be awarded April 5 at the Edge of the Cedars Museum at 7 p.m. in conjunction with the historic lecture of River Running on the Colorado.

Artists will also be allowed to sell their work. Each entry must be labeled as to artist, address, phone number and price, if being sold.