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April 5 marks Blanding's 86th birthday, and plans are already under way to make this year's celebration the best one yet.

Blue Mountain Shadows in cooperation with the Blanding Chamber of Commerce is planning several new events. Volunteers are needed to help plan the events and carry them out. Contact Janet Wilcox, 678-2851, or LaVerne Tate, 678-2325, if you have any interest in promoting the area for tourism and can help in the organizing.Utilizing funds provided by the San Juan County Economic Development Council, Blanding's annual birthday party will be expanded to include an art show, a play from April 9-12, ethnic performances by Ute, Navajo, pioneer and Spanish dancers, a western dance and cowboy poetry reading. Most of the activities will take place beginning April 27, though the art show will run the full month of April.

Anyone who would like to set up a craft booth on the 27th should contact the organizers.