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Eleven federally funded community and economic development block grants for projects in Cache and Box Elder counties have been approved by the governing board of the Bear River Association of Governments.

The grants approved Tuesday totaled about $574,000, with the largest single grant $81,000 to help buy a building for use as a Bear River District Health office and clinic in Brigham City.Other grants approved in Box Elder County included $58,235 for sewer hookup-fee assistance for low-income people in Willard, $14,000 for an industry marketing program and $30,000 for a livestock arena.

Grants approved in Cache County include $45,000 to assist low-income people with sewer fees in Hyde Park, $36,180 to Mendon for repairing and upgrading the sewer system, $60,000 to upgrade the sewer system in southeast Logan and $25,566 to renovate a building for a senior center in Smithfield.

Other grants approved in Cache County were $55,000 for a new fire alarm system at the Sunshine Terrace Nursing Home, $75,000 to help Benson fund a culinary water system and $78,570 toward a water-line extension in Logan.