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Salt Lake County Commissioner Randy Horiuchi has given away 40 pairs of Utah Jazz tickets in recent weeks to county residents who offered ideas on ways to improve government.

The contest officially ended this week, and Horiuchi said some of the ideas will be used.Among the winners were people suggesting the county:

- Develop a manual for its employees to make more informed responses to the public.

- Make all employees who drive government cars take defensive and courteous driving courses.

- Sponsor neighborhood block parties to better communicate what county government does.

- Distribute a newsletter or buy ads in local papers providing information on activities.

- Improve service and delivery of the Meals on Wheels program.

- Provide an ombudsman to help people get through bureaucratic red tape.

Horiuchi said the contest inspired him to come up with some ideas of his own, such as removing hazardous cement kiln dust around the valley and burying it beneath newly constructed runways at the airport.

"I didn't award myself any Jazz tickets, though," he said.