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Even though Utah Valley Community College plans to raise its tuition and fees, the proposed costs don't match those proposed at Salt Lake Community College.

In a joint letter to the regents, UVCC President Kerry Romesburg and SLCC President Frank Budd wrote that increasing the UVCC's tuition to meet SLCC's in a single year would "devastate" students at the Orem school. Three years ago, the regents approved a measure requiring the two schools charge the same beginning fall of 1991.According to guidelines approved by the regents, the two schools can extend the deadline by submitting a joint memo explaining their progress toward the goal.

And while the college is working to comply with the requirement, Nancy Heuston, a member of the UVCC board of trustees (formerly known as the Institutional Council) wants the board to go on record as opposing it.

Romesburg said UVCC would have to charge 18 percent more for 12 credit hours to meet what the Salt Lake school charges. For 15 credit hours, UVCC would have to raise tuition 8.5 percent.

"The students would have a right to raise strong complaints if we were to do that," Romesburg said.

As it is, UVCC students will be hit with a 3.87 percent tuition increase for 15 credit hours, which is considered a full-time class load, if the regents approve the new tuition and fees schedule. That means resident students next fall will pay $619.50 per semester for 15 hours, compared to $596.50 this year. The average increase for credit hours ranging from one-half to 25 is nearly 5 percent. The board approved the tuition increase in a meeting Thursday.

Romesburg said termed the increase "reasonable."

Students at SLCC, which is on a quarter system, currently pay $380 for 12 hours and $413 for 15 hours per quarter. SLCC students are facing a 3 percent increase for 1991-92.

The increase at UVCC will close the tuition gap between the two schools next school year to about 3.6 percent, Romesburg said. This year it is nearly 6 percent. UVCC Budget Director Doug Warner said it will take one to two years to bring UVCC in line with SLCC.

But Heuston doesn't think the tuition at the two schools needs to be even.

Heuston asked the board to go on record as opposing any across-the-board equalization because of the effects it has on tuition at UVCC.

Romesburg agreed saying the regents' mandate "seems to be arbitrary" and isn't in the best interest of students.

The president offered to express those sentiments in a letter to regents along with the tuition and fee schedule the college must deliver to them for final approval. The UVCC board, however, took no action on the suggestion.

"I really think we need more discussion from the board before we formally did that," Chairman DeLance W. Squire said.

Romesburg said the SLCC and UVCC charge the second- and third-highest tuition and fees for two-year colleges west of the Mississippi River.