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Here's the schedule for spring cleanups in your city:

- Bluffdale: Offers residents free dump passes to the Trans-Jordan Landfill during April for spring cleanup activities.- Bountiful: Crews will conduct a spring cleanup on the regular garbage pickup days between April 22 and 26. Items must be bundled, boxed or bagged. Bundles must not weigh more than 50 pounds.

- Clearfield: April 6 for everyone who lives north of 200 South, and April 13 for those who live south of 200 South.

- Clinton: Residents may use the county landfill free from March 15 until March 30. City trash crews will pick up extra garbage on the curb from March 25-April 5. (No concrete will be hauled away.)

- Davis County: Residents can dispose of yard and household debris free of charge in the North Area Refuse Disposal landfill March 15-30.

- Draper: City no longer sponsors a spring cleanup.

- Farmington: Spring cleanup will be March 25 to April 5. Crews will begin at the city's south end and work north. Once a street has been picked up, crews will not return. Limbs, branches, boards, etc., should be bundled in 5-foot lengths; no pickup of concrete, rocks, steel, building materials or appliances.

- Fruit Heights: The city council will announce the city's spring cleanup schedule at its Tuesday, March 19, meeting.

- Kaysville: A staggered cleanup schedule, based on garbage collection days, will be held. Residents with pickup on Monday and Tuesday can put out extra trash beginning Monday, March 18; Wednesday pickups begin Monday, March 25; and those with Thursday and Friday can put out trash beginning Monday, April 1.

Limbs and boards must be cut to 4-foot lengths and bundled; leaves, grass clippings and branches must be bagged and tied, not exceeding 50 lbs. No sod, soil, rocks or concrete will be collected.

- Layton: No cleanup has been scheduled.

- Midvale: Spring cleanup will be held April 8-26. For date of pickups in your neighborhood, call Cathy Kingsbury, 561-1418, at Midvale City Hall.

- Murray: (See story).

- North Salt Lake: Residents can use the county landfill free of charge between March 15-30. The city will pick up special bundled trash on the curb during the week of March 25. Residents must haul concrete to the landfill themselves but a special bin is available at the city shop for old water heaters.

- Riverton: The city has provided dump passes in the past but this year is planning to make available as many as eight large trash containers. Locations will be determined next week. Residents are invited to dump their spring cleanup debris in the containers, and the city will haul them to the dump.

- Salt Lake City: Pickups will begin April 1 and continue through Oct. 28. For times in your area, call 535-6960.

- Salt Lake County: Salt Lake City/County Landfill is free during April. No organized cleanups are scheduled.

- Sandy: Pickups will run March 22 through May 23. Anything but rocks, concrete, gravel, dirt, sod, vehicle parts, tires, batteries, 55 gallon drums, paint or any toxic chemicals will be picked up. For date of pickup in your neighborhood, call Public Works, 561-6700.

- South Jordan: Offers free dump passes during April.

- South Salt Lake: Pickups from 2700 South to 3300 South will be held April 1-5; between 2700 South to 2100 South, April 8-12.

- Syracuse: Residents can dump their trash free at the county landfill between March 15-30. The city will pick up bundled trash left on the curb (that will not fit into the regular trash containers), March 18-22, for residents living north of 1700 South. Pickup for residents living south of 1700 South will be March 25-29.

- West Bountiful: Citizens may drop off garbage free at the county landfill from March 15-30. Residents are encouraged to haul extra garbage that will not fit in the automated trash containers to the bins located in the parking lot at the city park (560 W. 1600 North) until March 15. Residents with oversize or heavy items, such as old water heaters, should contact the city officers for assistance.

- West Jordan: Provides discount dump passes for 50 cents during April.

- West Point: Residents can dump garbage free at the county landfill from March 15-30. City garbage crews will pick up bundled garbage off the curb during the regular trash schedule between April 1-15. Curb side pickup begins April 1 for those residents living west of 3000 West and April 8 for those living on the east side of 3000 West.

- West Valley City: Will provide bins at eight collection points April 26-27.

- Woods Cross: Residents can haul their garbage to the county landfill free from March 15-30. The city will have a special curbside pickup for residents living on the South side of 1500 South on April 13. Those living north of 1500 South will have their special pickup on April 20. Old water heaters can be picked up by contacting the city to make special arrangements.