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Undaunted by ratings and playing with a flair, women are starting to upset male grandmasters!

The top women players are showing less and less respect for grandmaster adversaries all the time nowadays. They are not to be intimidated or flustered by the sex or rank of their opponents.Their attitude seems to be the practical and confident one of expecting the player who makes the best moves to win the game, and if it isn't the grand-master, that's his worry.

For example? For example! Look what happened in the Aosta International Open Tournament held recently in Italy. Two grandmasters, Margeir Petursson of Iceland and Paul Van Der Sterren of the Netherlands, shared first place with 7-2 scores in the 110-player Swiss-system competition. So far quite normal.

But Van Der Sterren was mowed down by Ketevan Arakhamia, an up-and-coming player from the Soviet Georgian Republic. In the recent Olympiad in Yugoslavia, she played board four for the Soviet Union's women's team.

In the course of achieving a tie for 24th place with 5 1/2 points, she took two more grandmaster scalps - from Florin Gheorghiu of Romania and Joseph Gallagher of Britain. She decisively defeated Van Der Sterren in 35 moves.

And consider that the dazzling three Polgar sisters (Judit, Zsuzsa, Zsofia) will not play or participate in "All-Women Tournaments"! They are from Hungary.

- YUSUPOV - Reuters has reported that the Soviet grandmaster Artur Yusupov inched into first place after the fourth round of the Linares International Tournament in France when he adjourned a match against former world champion Anatoly Karpov.

Yusupov led in overall standings with three points at the time of the adjournment.

Alexander Beljavski, the Russian who shared first place with Yusupov in the third round, dropped into a two-way tie for the second position after being defeated by Yugoslav grandmas-ter Ljubomir Ljuvojevic.

World champion Gary Kasparov moved up from sixth place to a three-way tie for third after he won an impressive game from Mikhail Gurevich who is playing under the Belgium flag.

The tournament's youngest player, 16-year-old Gata Kamsky of the United States, lost to the Soviet Union's Vasily Ivanchuk, while Briton Jonathan Speelman drew with Dutchman Jan Timman.

Valery Salov lost to fellow Russian Boris Gelfand, despite having the advantage for much of the game.

Grandmaster Jan Ehlvest, who says he is representing the Soviet Baltic Republic of Estonia, drew with India's Vi-samadhan Anand after 50 moves.

On a free day Karpov was scheduled to play two adjourned games, first a third-round game against Ljuvojevic and then a fourth-round game with Yusupov.

For the fifth round, Kasparov was scheduled to play Speelman and Kar-pov was to play Ivanchuk.

- REMINDER - The Utah High School State Championship Tournament will be held March 22-23 at Weber State University in Ogden. This is a tournament for players in grades nine-12. The organizer is Douglas Duncan (479-3145). The tournament directors will be Bruce McMaster (224-5640) and Robert Jones (250-6485).

- QUARREL - Late word from Reuters is that Karpov played his two adjourned games. He lost one to Lju-vojevic and drew with Yusupov.

Karpov accused Soviet Mikhail Gur-evich of giving away a point to Kar-pov's archrival, world champion Gary Kasparov, in a fourth-round game and threatened not to play in next year's Linares Tournament if the two were invited.

"I am writing the official Linares tournament book together with Dmitri Bjelica, and I will analyze in it that irregular game," Karpov said.

Standings of the players after four rounds:

Yusupov, 3 1/2 points

Beljavsky, Ivanchuk, 3 points

Ljuvojevic, Anand, Kasparov, Tim-man, 2 1/2

Gelfand, 2 points

Karpov, Speelman, 1 1/2 points

Ehlvest, Kamsky, Salov, 1 point

Gurevich, 1/2 point

- CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SOLVERS! - Gordon Green, Joe Sias, Richard Schow, Steven L. Staker, Cam-rin Copier, Roger M. Neuman, Russell Anderson, Hal Harmon, Ramon E. Bassett, Robert W. Lee, Eugene Wag-staff, John K. Crandall, Aaron T. Ken-nard, Raeburn Kennard, Nathan Ken-nard, B.J. Peterson, William De-Vroom, Edwin O. Smith, Ted Patha-kis, Ardean Watts, Ashley Ann Graves, Hal Knight, David Moody, Kay Lund-strom, Alison Hermance, Kim Barney, Stanley Hunt, Sharon Steimle and Jim Reed.