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A Food and Drug Administration panel ignored a last-minute emotional plea Friday night and decided not to recommend approval of the first proposed drug for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

In a meeting that lasted almost 14 hours, the eight-member advisory committee made its final decision without a vote. Chairman Dr. Steven H. Ferris of the New York University Medical Center announced that members had arrived at a consensus opposed to marketing the drug tacrine.The committee decision came in response to an application by Warner-Lambert Co. to sell the drug under the brand name Cognex.Chilean guerrillas slay a police officer SANTIAGO, Chile (UPI) - Urban guerrillas firing machine guns killed a police officer Friday outside his home in southern Chile, officials said. The victim's father and his driver were wounded.

Police identified the victim as Investigations Chief Hector Sarmiento Hidalgo, a 29-year police veteran in Concepcion, Chile's third largest city and an important mining and industrial center 300 miles south of Santiago.

An anonymous caller to the Santiago offices of United Press International said members of the Lautaro urban guerrilla group carried out the attack.Chicago drug kingpin avoids death penalty CHICAGO (AP) - A federal jury Friday declined to recommend the death penalty for a drug kingpin and convicted killer in the first test of a law allowing capital punishment for drug-related murders.

Alexander Cooper, 31, was convicted of murder last week in the death of Robert Parker, the dealer's former financial adviser. Cooper killed him after Parker turned federal informant.

Jurors said Friday that they found Cooper clearly intended to use lethal force against Parker and gave substantial forethought to the crime, factors which alone might have led them to impose death.

But those factors were outweighed by Cooper's troubled upbringing and his lack of a prior criminal record, the jury found.In other news . . . AMERIFIRST BANK, at 56 the nation's oldest federally chartered savings and loan, was seized in Miami Friday by federal regulators after failing to find a buyer for its 54-branch system. . . . CZECHOSLOVAKIAN PRESIDENT Vaclav Havel promised Friday to seek a law allowing voters to decide whether the nation's two republics will remain united.