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Mexico Area:

1,300 jobs found iMEXICO CITY, MEXICO - Elder and Sister Fernando and Maria del Carmen de Daniel have helped more than 1,300 members find jobs during nearly two years of serving at the Church's employment center here.

Elder and Sister Daniel, who came to the office with no experience in job placement, say members make good employees and have earned a reputation among employers as being good workers. Among those hired include accountants, salesmen, business managers and secretaries, to name a few. Those who come with job skills are the easiest to find work for, "but there is a place for all. We have a file of employers, and we go through the file and call them," he explained.

Some 80 percent of all applicants, who are members from ages 17 to 66 from 30 area stakes, have been placed through the Church employment office. Unemployment is generally high in the city, said Elder Daniel. "It is a little sad when people are unemployed. But when they get a job, they become very happy."

The Daniels visit various wards to explain their program, inviting unemployed members to use the services of the LDS employment office. "We enjoy our work very much. It is a privilege to work with the Church organization."

Central America Area

1985 gift appreciated

TOTONICAPAN, GUATEMALA - Local wards have grown stronger and the relationship between the Church and community leaders has become closer following the donation six years ago of an important book to the community by Elder Ted E. Brewerton.

In 1985, Elder Brewerton of the Seventy and president of the Central America Area donated a rare book of Mayan legends to the community. The book, The Title of the Lords of Totonicapan, was the only printing of ancient legends transcribed from oral histories of the Quiche Indians, descendants of the Mayans. The record was made here in 1550-1554, translated into Spanish in 1834 and printed in France in 1885. However, few copies of the book were available, and even the community where it originated did not have a copy. It is one of only three such early Mayan records to survive. The principal record, Popul Vuh, is a school text.

Elder Brewerton, who is a student of Central American history, located a copy of the Totonicapan book after a search of some 20 years. He had the book duplicated and presented copies to the mayor and governor.

At the time of the presentation, the Church was struggling in the community. "Now we have a new meetinghouse and two strong wards," said Elder Brewerton. "The people there know we really love their ancestry."

Philippines/Micronesia Area

Self-sufficiency with soap

NAGA, PHILIPPINES - An experimental welfare project of teaching an aspect of self-sufficiency, home production of soap, is now under way in the Naga Philippines Stake.

Weekly classes are under the direction of Fred Nielsen of the Naga 1st Ward. The main ingredient of this soap is coconut oil, inexpensive and readily available. The group is experimenting with various formulas, molds and methods of cutting. Laundry soap is the primary focus of the experiment, but bath soap is also being made.

Nielsen started teaching the classes after attending a soap-making class in Iriga City, sponsored by government employees of Camarines Sur and the Naga stake presidency. He also contributed information on the subject that had been handed down from his grandmother.

Europe Area

Bishop shares message

LIEGE, BELGIUM - Primary children joined Bishop Dario Tomaselli of the Liege Ward, Brussels Belgium Stake, in a rewarding missionary effort recently.

The bishop and the children went to the homes of non-members and placed many copies of the Book of Mormon while reading them a greeting from the First Presidency.

"Many good relationships have been established with non-members, and the children were able to experience missionary work," said Elder Steven C. Miller of the Belgium Brussels Mission.

North America Northwest Area

Book of Mormon emphasized

HAILEY, IDAHO - Members here recently enjoyed a two-week long Book of Mormon extravaganza, sponsored by the Hailey 2nd Ward, Carey Idaho Stake.

Members prepared 1,000 copies of the Book of Mormon with personal testimonies from members throughout the stake, and then they paired off and went to their own neighborhoods and offered free copies of the Book of Mormon. Officials of other religions were also given copies of the book, and invitations to various events were extended.

A special fast, forums on the Book of Mormon, and a missionary open house were held. Full-time missionaries also showed videos during the activities. A musical play, centering on the Book of Mormon conversion of Parley P. Pratt, capped the events.

North America Southeast Area

`Granny's pantry' fair held

DENTON, TEXAS - A variety of community and city organizations joined hands with the Denton 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th wards to sponsor a family preparedness fair.

About 25 non-LDS representatives from local businesses and civic organizations volunteered their time to help produce the recent fair, titled "Granny's Pantry Information Fair."

Directed by high school teacher Lucille Guess of the Denton 2nd Ward, the fair provided information on food storage and emergency preparedness. Included were exhibits and booths on such topics as tornado warning signs, first aid, food safety and control, recycling cardboard boxes, and a video presenting flood-disaster information.

Karen Pittman of the Denton 2nd Ward, who helped plan the fair, said, "I can't imagine why anyone would not want to be prepared. If you are prepared, you do not panic and I think we all want that kind of peace of mind."

North America West Area

Stake notes 50th year

SAN DIEGO, CALIF. - A golden jubilee celebration recently commemorated the past half century of the San Diego stake, the 135th stake in the Church when it was created in February 1941.

In attendance were two former stake presidents and their counselors, and the current stake presidency.

Former presidents Craig A. Bullock and Barry P. Knudson and current stake Pres. C. Scott Gill enjoyed historical sketches and the performance of a 50-voice choir. The stake's first president, Wallace W. Johnson, is deceased and another, Clinton D. Davis, is serving as president of the New Jersey Morristown Mission.

A group of children from the stake's Asian branches performed during a Primary program, honoring the stake and its leaders. A golden jubilee ball, exhibits of memorabilia and photos were also part of the celebration.

Utah Central Area

Hellenic LDS attend temple

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH - About 30 members of the Hellenic LDS Society attended the Jordan River Temple March 5 to do ordinance work for the Greek ancestors of one of their members, Judy Windham. Sister Windham and her husband, Dick, recently returned from a family history trip to her ancestral homeland where they obtained information on her forebears.

Brother Windham is a newly called mission president.

"We had a beautiful experience," said Andrew Bavelas, society member. "We plan to have more like that in the future."

The Hellenic LDS Society was started in the early 1960s to promote Church work among the Greek people and to help converts of Greek ancestry retain their Greek heritage.

Utah South Area

Farewell gift: temple work

PROVO, UTAH - Members of the Provo Utah North Stake gave a unique gift to outgoing Pres. Rulon S. Francis recently. They did enough temple work for the equivalent of an "endowed stake" on "the other side."

The members did some 2,800 endowments during a recent five-week period.

"The idea really caught on," said Pres. Francis. "We felt good about the effort, and it touched a lot of lives. We had people going to the temple who hadn't been for many years. A lot of testimonies came out of it."

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