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Most Americans want to go back to war to drive Saddam Hussein from power, according to a Newsweek poll released Saturday.

About 57 percent of those polled by the magazine said they support having U.S. forces resume military action against Iraq.

An even larger percentage - 77 percent - said they would support military action if Iraq employs chemical or biological weapons against rebel troops. And 65 percent said they think the United States should keep forces in Iraq and not sign a permanent cease-fire if Saddam continues to use helicopter gunships against the rebels.

Furthermore, 67 percent said they think it is likely that U.S. forces will have to fight again in the Middle East against Iraq or some other aggressor nation.

The Newsweek poll was done by the Gallup Organization, which conducted 763 telephone interviews Thursday and Friday. It has a margin of error of plus or minus four percentage points.