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To the editor:

The Deseret News ran an article on Feb. 14 titled "Owens urges an emphasis on enhanced oil recovery." It stated that Owens told Congress that he worries oil companies may use the Persian Gulf war as an excuse to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.Utah has never had a congressman in Washington who could talk from both sides of his mouth and switch position in the middle of the conversation at the same time, save it be Owens.

His statement implies that it is better to send our men and women to the Middle East, to give their lives there, than to drill for oil and gas in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge, which has more than enough oil to make the United States totally independent in oil and gas needs forever.

He urges Congress to stop giving tax breaks to oil companies that want to drill in the Arctic Refuge but never once mentioned if he would release all those known oil and gas deposits locked up in his 5.2 million acres of wilderness he wants for Utah. This includes 57,700 plus acres of school trust lands and all those acres that border WSAs as they will also be managed the same as the wilderness. These lands hold gas and oil that could produce several million dollars for our school trust fund, but they will be held hostage and pay nothing into the trust funds, much the same as the trust lands in our national parks are prevented from doing.

Paul L. Young

Western Association of Land Users