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Two $3,500 scholarships will be offered each year to University of Utah students by the Scott M. Matheson Public Leadership Forum.

The forum was established after former Gov. Matheson retired from office in 1985. However, after his death in October 1990, numerous unsolicited contributions were made to the forum "generously increasing the endowment," said Ted Wilson, director of the U.'s Hinckley Institute of Politics and a member of the forum's board of directors.The scholarships will foster commitment to leadership consistent with the enduring legacy that the governor left the state, said Wilson. Students from all academic disciplines will be encouraged to apply. The scholarships are for the students' senior year of study.

"Scott Matheson is universally regarded in Utah as the quintessential public leader. His integrity, intellect, forthrightness and courage established a record of leadership that inspired so many in public service and that provides the inspiration for these scholarships," said Wilson.

Forum directors, Norma Matheson, Scott Matheson Jr., James D. Matheson, Jim Butler and Wilson also announced that a leadership conference will be held each year. The first conference this spring will focus on the leadership qualities of Matheson himself.

"The contributions in Scott's memory will make a significant difference in some young peoples' lives. He would be deeply touched, as is our family," said Norma Matheson.