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The sprawling country-style Lanett is equally well-adapted to meeting the needs of a family with older children or empty nesters who like to keep space available for grandchildren and other guests.

Placement of the master suite on the main floor provides privacy while the children are still at home and allows the homeowners to confine their living to the ground floor after the children move on.And what a sumptuous master suite it is. Luxuries include a long, L-shaped walk-in closet, a private spa, an oversized shower and double vanities. The sleeping area is easily large enough to accommodate a desk and a couple of easy chairs, in addition to a queen or king-size bed.

A vaulted ceiling adds to the sense of overall spaciousness that pervades the rambling family room/

nook/kitchen combination. A U-shaped open stairway juts out into the room, providing a perfect vantage point for viewing the scene below, or making important announcements.

Place a wide-screen television on a swivel here, and it can be viewed from anywhere in the room.

The open space beneath the mid-flight landing is open. Shelving it would create an attractive display area for family treasures.

The open kitchen is roomy enough for multiple cooks to combine efforts without getting in each other's way.

A vegetable sink is located in the work island, a large walk-in pantry is off to the side, and a utility room with a built-in ironing board is but a few steps away.

For a study plan of the Lanett (400-19), send $7.50 to Landmark Designs, P.O. Box 2307, Eugene, OR 97402. (Be sure to specify plan name and number when ordering.)

Designers, architects and readers with plans they would like to see featured also are invited to contact Landmark.