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Here are some tips for parents to make videocassette viewing more pleasurable and rewarding for the whole family.

In the store:- Be an active parent. Know what your children are watching and the content. Don't rent a movie just because a child asks for it.

- If you're unsure of the content, either ask the clerk or rent the movie and watch it first without children present.

- Don't be afraid to offer options. If the child asks for a movie he has seen repeatedly, offer a compromise. Then, if they don't like it, offer the option of getting their choice next time.

- If children insist on a movie you don't want them to have - for whatever reason - stick to your guns.

At home:

- Establish viewing time limits and don't cave in to pleas for more.

- Watch any tape with children the first two or three times to make sure they understand the content and to be available to answer any questions.

- Children who watch tapes over and over tend to be the ones with too much time on their hands. Simply restricting viewing time may not be enough. Get the child involved with other activities. Play with them one-on-one or find ways to get the child involved with peers. If his only friend is a VCR, that might be a sign of trouble.