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Richard Kiel, who gained fame as the villainous, steel-toothed James Bond foe Jaws, says his latest co-star, a huge bear, enjoyed doing a scene in which the 7-foot-2 actor whacked him with a log. Kiel, who plays a giant in a yet unreleased film, "The Giant of Thunder Mountain," appears for the first time with a co-star who is bigger than him - Bart, a superstar bear. The animal, who was a hit in "The Bear," is nearly 10 feet tall and weighs 2,000 pounds. "In a fight scene, I was scripted to hit him with a log," Kiel said during a visit this week to Norfolk, Va., one of several cities where "Thunder Mountain" is being test marketed. "He loved that. He thought it was real fun." Kiel co-wrote and co-produced the movie, in which he plays a misunderstood hermit living in the West near the turn of the century. He hopes it will dispel the image of big people as oafs or villains.