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To the editor:

The Presidential Election Campaign Fund is supported by taxpayers who check off on their federal income tax forms that they wish $1 of their taxes ($2 of joint returns) to go into this fund.However, checking "yes" on the tax form does not increase tax liability. Check-off dollars go directly to qualified presidential candidates to fund their primary and general election campaigns. The Republican and Democratic nominating conventions are also funded.

The purpose of using federal dollars to fund presidential campaigns is to reduce candidates' dependence on special interests and to place candidates on a more equal financial footing in the campaign. Taxpayers check off about $33 million annually.

However, the Federal Election Commission indicates that the fund will have insufficient funds to pay its obligations for the 1992 presidential election unless more citizens opt to check off support on their IRS 1040 forms. The problem with the fund arose for two reasons: the impact of inflation and fewer taxpayers now indicating that they want dollars to go to the fund.

Fight the influence of powerful PACs and PICs. Check "yes" on your 1040 form and increase citizen influence on presidential elections.

Sharen Perry, Action chair

League of Women Voters