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The judge in Winnie Mandela's kidnapping and assault trial ruled Tuesday that the prosecution can introduce evidence of her alleged involvement in three other attacks.

Judge M.S. Stegmann said it was vital that all possible aspects of the current case involving attacks on four men be heard, since Mandela was a major public figure and her trial had raised great public concern."The present trial should be seen to have ventilated all issues," he said.

The judge said he would adjourn the trial at some point to allow defense lawyers time to review the prosecution's new evidence before it is presented in court. He made no decision Tuesday on the date of an adjournment.

Mandela, wife of African National Congress leader Nelson Mandela, is charged with kidnapping and assaulting four young men in December 1988. Her chief bodyguard was convicted last year of killing one of the four, Stompie Seipei. She has said she is innocent.

The prosecution wants to introduce testimony relating to alleged assaults and kidnappings on three other men that prosecutors say Mandela participated in. The incidents are not part of the charges she and three co-defendants are facing now.