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Rice-a-Roni has packed up a microwave tray and Fettucine Alfredo for a quick meal. They say it has a "creamy cheese sauce mix with other natural flavors." The 3-ounce box sells for $1.19 and serves two.

Kay Hadley: "Noodle Roni Parmesano is a quick and easy side dish to prepare in the microwave. Everyone really enjoyed it. However, I did not use the entire seasoning packet because, for our tastes, there is way too much seasoning. Perhaps, learning to season-to-taste is the key to enjoying these quick-fix meals."Don Russell: "We enjoyed Noodle Roni's thin noodles laced with Parmesan cheese and Romano cheese sauce. This dish is easy to prepare and takes about 10 minutes from box to serving plate. However, consumers should be aware that there just isn't much pasta in the box. The Golden Grain Co. packs a modest portion for two at best. Golden Grain calls this a main dish. I think a side dish is a better term."

Doris Wilding: "When we tested the Fettucine Alfredo I was frankly very skeptical. Much to our whole family's surprise we really liked it. It has a mild cheese sauce and the noodles were very tasty. The packaging is too small for a family, but it is so quick and easy I've decided to have it on hand for when the kids can't survive until the next meal. At $1.19, I'll keep some around."

Judy Slack: "I thought the fettucine was edible but kind of gummy. It is very small proportioned - not meant for a family."

Edyth Jensen: "We tested the Fettuccine Alfredo and enjoyed it. It is another quick meal from `the oven to the table' but is OK if that is what is needed."

Linda C. Tingey: "It really is quite good but not for my family! Just two servings don't go far enough. It cooked up quick and was very convenient. For someone alone or for a couple, it would be nice."

Conclusion: Don't plan on inviting company for this quick little dinner. But for two, it's pretty darn good.

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