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The 1991 City of Orem Annual Spring Clean Up program will begin April 1. The landfill is open and will be free through May 11.

The spirit and purpose of the spring cleanup, according to Steve Weber, Maintenance Division manager, is to help with removal of yard wastes. It is not the intent of the city to supplement landscaping or renovation projects.Cleanup from curbside will be done in quadrants. Each quadrant is bordered by State Street and Center Street. Quadrants are scheduled as follows:

-Northwest quadrant - April 1-6

-Northwest quadrant - April 8-13

-Southeast quadrant - April 15-20

-Southwest quadrant - April 22-27

The city asks that debris not be placed on the street until a few days before the scheduled pickup. The city also asks that residents be aware of environmental concerns. Do not place hazardous wastes (used oil, solvents, chemicals or other such wastes) with spring cleanup material. Cleanup crews have been instructed not to pick up this type of waste.

Plans are being developed to help residents dispose of household chemicals and hazardous waste products. But for now, those interested may contact the Public Works Department to find out how to dispose of hazardous waste material by calling 224-7118.

Cleanup crews will not pick up the following types of debris:

-Old used cars or car bodies

-Construction debris and materials

-Orchard debris, prunings, stumps, etc. Prunings from residential homes will be accepted.

-Debris from entire large tree removal (trunk diameter greater than 12 inches

-Tree stumps

-Large piles of rock, concrete or dirt (volume greater than 3 yards or 10 wheel barrow loads)

-Debris from building removal (old barns, garages, etc.)

Cleanup crews will not enter private property to collect debris. Debris must be at the curb by 7 a.m. on the first day your quadrant is scheduled to begin pickup. Do not pile debris near mail boxes, trees or other objects.

If you have loose material, tie it or weigh it down. Tie bundles of paper together. The city asks that residents use their garbage cans, and the weekly garbage collection, to dispose of papers and other debris that will fit into the container.

A $30 call-back fee will be charged if the cleanup crews are called to pick up debris on a street that has already had cleanup service.