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Leaders of Liberia's three main forces signed an agreement Friday pledging to cooperate with regional efforts to end the country's devastating 14-month war.

Abass Bundu, executive secretary of the Economic Community of West African States, said, "The three leaders agreed to cooperate fully with ECOWAS and refrain from taking any action that might be prejudicial to . . . the successful convening of this conference."Rival rebel leaders Charles Taylor and Prince Johnson said they had signed the agreement. Amos Sawyer, president of the ECOWAS-backed interim Liberian government that now controls the capital, also signed.

But three days of talks failed to resolve what is expected to be the main sticking point at the conference, scheduled for March 15 in Monrovia. Taylor has refused to accept an ECOWAS requirement that neither of the rebel leaders can head the transitional government set up at the upcoming conference.