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Ephraim has come up with a $1,230,000 financial plan that will enable it to cope with population growth and an on-going drought.

The money will pay for a 1-million-gallon storage tank to supplement other storage facilities east of town, a pump well that could supply up to two second-feet of potable water for backup purposes, the upgrading of the distribution system and increasing the flow from spring areas in Ephraim Canyon by improving the collection system.Upgrading the distribution system will involve replacing some waterlines that are badly corroded, leaky and too small to provide the needed pressure.

New meter boxes, valves, pressure checks and fire hydrants will be installed.

In addition to an increased culinary water supply, an enlarged storage capacity and an improved distribution system, the project will provide several secondary benefits.

One of them will be increased hydropower generation, another will be better fire protection and a third will be lower service and maintenance costs, city officials said.