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Two brochures explaining business assistance and business capital resources available to Utah businesses will be mailed to 12,000 Utah companies across the state as part of a program by the Utah Division of Business and Economic Development to strengthen existing businesses.

One brochure is titled "Utah Business Assistance Resources" and lists state, federal and private resources for business assistance ranging from counseling to planning and procurement.The second is called "Utah's Business Capital Resources" and contains information on government and private-sponsored business loans, venture capital and other lending assistance.

Both brochures encourage business owners and those interested in starting a business to contact one of eight Small Business Development Centers in the state, which can serve as resource centers.

The brochures will be distributed to manufacturing, transportation, construction, agricultural, mining and technology-related businesses. They also are being distributed by the Utah Department of Commerce and the Small Business Administration.

Other businesses interested in free copies of the brochure may contact Myrna Hill at 538-8700.