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Salt Lake School District will shuffle a group of principals next fall.

The Salt Lake Board of Education approved Tuesday night the change of several principals and other administrators.The changes include: Dorothy Cosgrove, principal of Emerson Elementary School as new principal of Highland Park Elementary School; Sally Trost, principal of Highland Park as new district Extended Learning Program (gifted program) coordinator; Peter Gallegos, principal of Jackson Elementary School as new principal of Nibley Park Elementary School; Lewis Gardiner, principal of Whittier Elementary School as new principal of Meadowlark Elementary School.

Others are: Ronald Lamb, district supervisor of at-risk students, to be principal at Emerson; Rickie McCandless, principal at Glendale Intermediate School, as new district at-risk supervisor; Marilyn Phillips, principal at Nibley Park, as new Jackson principal; Roger Tucker, assistant principal at Highland High School, as new assistant principal/-job development specialist at Salt Lake Community High School; Jan Wilde, principal of Parkview Elementary School, as new principal at Rosslyn Heights Elementary School.

Gail Mladejovsky, Rosslyn Heights principal, was granted a leave of absence.