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The Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency soon may sell its downtown headquarters to the property management arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, officials said.

The building, on the corner of North Temple and 300 West, houses a bank and other offices in addition to the agency. Agency Director Alice Larkin Steiner said the church has offered $2 million for the building, and the two parties are negotiating.She said the deal is far from final. First Professional Bank, housed in the building, has a right to reject any deal. The agency's policy requires that it ask for bids when selling property or that it sell to an adjacent landowner, and that it review the new owner's designs for the property.

LDS Church spokesman Don Lefevre said the negotiations were in early stages. He said Property Reserve Inc., the church-owned subsidiary, probably would continue to operate the building as it currently is, without changing any of the tenants.

Steiner said the redevelopment agency's $37.7 million annual budget includes $1.7 million in revenue estimated from the sale of the building.