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The Payson Scottish Festival Committee is promising an evening of gaiety and feasting as part of its annual Spring Ceilidh on Saturday, March 23.

The Ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee), which starts at 7 p.m., will be held at the Payson City Center, 439 W. Utah Ave. (100 South). The event supplements the committee's annual Scottish Days Festival during the summer.Mayor Richard Harmer and the Payson City Council will attend, dressed in kilts, and this year's program will include a variety of music, dancing, piping and poetry, as well as a Grand March and special Chieftain ceremony.

Michelle Morgan and Brenda Mecham will perform a Highland dance number, and an array of musical scores will be performed as participants enjoy a full-course dinner consisting of beef steak, potatoes, gravy, vegetables, salad and pie, served under the direction of Lawrence and Janet Ewell.

Social dancing, led by the Salt Lake Country & Ballroom Dancers, will conclude the evening's entertainment.

Although the date for advanced paid reservation has passed, tickets for the event ($9.50) are available at the door. The event is open to everyone, not just those of Scottish descent, and Scottish dress is encouraged.

For more information, contact Helen Scott at 374-3714.