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Construction on a new high school in Layton is getting back on track after having been delayed as a result of the extreme winter.

"We are picking up significantly in the loss of time," project manager Brent Hilton told the Davis School Board on Tuesday. "By midsummer, we'll be back on schedule."Ground was broken for the new school last fall, but extremely cold weather froze the ground in December, making excavation difficult. By the first week in January, construction was off schedule by 38 days.

Hilton said about 140 workers are on the job site every day and heaters have been utilized for certain jobs.

Though the work is getting back on schedule, whether the construction will remain within budget is still uncertain. Several bids still need to go out, Hilton said.

"It's going to be close, budgetwise."

Located on a 49-acre site at 2200 N. Hill Field Road, the new school, with a capacity of 2,200, is being built to relieve overcrowding at Layton and Clearfield high schools.

Layton High, whose capacity is 1,891, has a 1990-91 enrollment of 2,220. The enrollment is projected to grow to 2,666 by the 1992-90 school year, according to a district estimate.

The enrollment at Clearfield High, whose capacity is 2,039, is now at 2,257 and is projected to be 2,692 by 1992-93.

District officials want the new school to be ready in time for the 1992-93 school year.

Financing for the $28 million facility is coming from a $40 million bond passed by voters in May 1990.

The other $12 million is being used to purchase property for another high school, build additions to junior high schools and install air conditioning in selected schools to make them suitable for year-round use.

A citizens advisory committee and consultant are in the process of drawing up the new high school's boundaries, which are expected to affect only Clearfield and Layton high students.

Committee members are Linda Anderson, Syracuse; Mark Arrington, Clearfield; Becky Parrish, South Weber; Bryce Bennett, Layton; Mark Bitner, Layton; Dave Buckley, Clinton; Sherill Dorius, Kaysville; Lyle Elmore, Layton; Linda Iverson, Layton; Marlene Moyes, Syracuse; Linda Oda, Layton; Steve Randall, Layton; Blaine Taggart, Clearfield; Doyle Talbot, Layton; and Robert Winegar, Layton.

Their efforts are being coordinated by Darrell K. White, Bountiful, a university professor whom the district hired as a consultant.

White will present a preliminary boundary proposal to the school board on April 16. Public hearings will be held May 7 and 21. The board will take final action on June 4.

After the boundaries are chosen, a committee from within the new school's boundaries will be formed to help select the school's name, colors and mascot.