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Yuri Owens' mom wants to treat his life-threatening cancer by amputating his arm. His dad wants to treat it with diet and drugs.

Because they couldn't agree, a 4th District judge was asked to decide, and on Tuesday he sided with the 8-year-old's mother.Fourth District Judge George E. Ballif ordered the Highland boy, who is suffering from a rare form of bone cancer, to be evaluated by doctors at Primary Children's Medical Center to determine whether he can withstand surgery to remove his arm and shoulder.

Yuri Owens is suffering from osteogenic sarcoma, and his divorced parents, Trudy Olcott and Jerry Owens, were in court Tuesday to decide what type of therapy Yuri should receive.

Owens wants Yuri to continue non-traditional treatment under Dr. Lawrence Taylor in San Diego, Calif. Taylor treats cancer with diet and medication.

Olcott wants Yuri to be treated as recommended by doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. Mayo doctors say Yuri's arm and shoulder, the area most infected by the cancer, should be amputated. They then recommend he undergo chemotherapy for cancer that has spread to his lungs.

Last month, hoping to preserve Yuri's life without removing his arm and shoulder, Olcott and Owens agreed to have Taylor treat Yuri for two weeks. Olcott later agreed to extend treatment under Taylor for another week.

After hearing testimony from Taylor and Dr. Creig MacArthur, a Provo surgeon, Ballif ruled that Yuri should be treated according the recommendations of the Mayo doctors. He said the non-traditional treatment that Yuri has been receiving is not proving effective.

MacArthur testified that the cancer in Yuri's lungs is getting worse and any further delay in treating the disease reduces Yuri's chance of survival.