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Two men are being held in the Utah County jail on felony charges stemming from the burglaries of at least 10 Utah County homes during the past month.

Armando Castro Calata, 23, Midvale, and Fidel Fiqueroa Enriquez, 21, Midvale, were charged Tuesday in Provo's 4th Circuit Court with three counts of burglary and one count of theft.According to sheriff's detective Doug Witney, the two are part of a burglary ring involving six to eight men operating out of Midvale. The two were arrested last week following the burglary of a Provo home. Another man believed to be part of the ring is being held in the Davis County Jail. Detectives believe the ring is responsible for a rash of daytime burglaries in several counties.

"We know these guys have been super active," Witney said.

After their arrest, detectives obtained a warrant and searched Calata's apartment in Midvale and recovered more than $4,000 in stolen items. The items were identified as coming from homes burglarized in Salt Lake, Weber and Davis counties.

However, detectives believe others involved in the ring fled with most of the stolen items before detectives arrived at the Midvale apartment. Apparently, one of the arrested men was able to telephone the apartment to warn the others.

A preliminary hearing for Calata and Enriquez will be held March 25.