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Fishing habitat at three reservoirs on the Beaver Mountain of the Fishlake National Forest will be enhanced.

Improvements are planned at LaBaron Reservoir, Anderson Reservoir and Mumford Reservoir, said Kent Taylor, forest supervisor.Subsurface structures will be built at the Anderson and LaBaron reservoirs. "The structures should attract brook trout and provide cover for this cold-water species," Taylor said.

Structures will be placed in both shallow and deep water. Logs and brush piles, lashed and anchored to prevent drift, will be placed in shallow water. Anchors will secure the structures to the banks. "This type closely resembles natural habitat found in other reservoirs," Taylor said.

The deep-water structures feature two different designs. The LaBaron Reservoir structure will be made of 15-foot logs constructed in "tepee" fashion, nailed and wired together. A triangular crib about 6 feet long and 5 feet high will be built at Anderson Reservoir. The deep structures will be weighted and placed on winter ice; during the spring thaw, they will sink through the melting ice and sink to the bottom.